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English5 : 5 minutes English voice-over for just 200 Euro

just 200 €

Get a 5 minutes English voice-over for just 200 Euro! ENGLISH5 is a special offer that allows you to record a plain voice-over for non broadcast use, for a very low budget, in a very reasonable time! Some restrictions, lots of savings!*

What is included

  • Voice-over recording

    Professional non-synced voice-over of max 5 minutes

  • Basic editing

    Basic audio cleaning (noise/breaths/error removal)

  • Online/Offline usage rights

    Online and Offline usage (no Pre-roll)

What is not included

  • Script

    Copy, translation or adapting

  • Advanced Editing

    Mastering, mixing, file splitting

  • Broadcast/Pre-roll usage rights

    Radio/TV broadcast and/or Pre-roll usage rights

sending all the necessary information…

choosing the payment method you prefer..

within a very few days…

Sample videos

Want to see if your project is compatible with ENGLISH5 special offer?  Watch some video samples made by our clients and check if your video would “sound” like them!

CREDITS: momaStudio, Effetto Quota, Studio Nuove Idee, Giuliano Cremasco, Francesco Crucianelli, Luciano Andres Gallo

* Before confirming ENGLISH5 special offer to record your voice-over project, please make sure it matches the below requirements.

The offer is limited to a restricted selection of voice talents. The script must count no more than 550 words and must be referred to one single subject. The recorded voice file cannot be used for Radio/TV broadcast and/or Web Pre-roll. The offer is reserved for projects for which a substantially uniform reading style is sufficient. Delivery of the sound file is guaranteed within 4-8 working days.

Do you need a complex, synced and urgent voice-over and you want to choose among a large variety of voice talents? Please contact us, we can definitely help you! (and it may cost just a few money more…)

Just 200 €

Attention, this offer is about to expire!

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